Company Events

Events at Urban Ranger Camp, is the ultimate challenge for the collegial spirit in your company, and a good way to test your ability to cooperate.

At Urban Ranger Camp we organize our company events in the knowledge that people are different, and even though you are colleagues, you might not know each other’s limits. We are committed to change that!


We know from experience, that a day at Urban Ranger Camp can enhance the way you work together on a daily basis, and give you the tools to take on tasks, that you otherwise thought were impossible.

Team Challenge is perfect for company events

You will work together as a group, closely monitored by one of our certified instructors, who will guide you and ensure that no one is left behind.

It is also possible to book Urban High Roping, as part of a company event. However Urban High Roping is more individual based than our Team Challenge activities.

Urban Ranger Camp offers meeting facilities, for groups up to 40 people. Please contact us for further information.