Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a group activity for you and your friends, colleagues or family. We guarantee that your personal courage, ability to work together and break down barriers, will be put to the test!

Urban Ranger Camp offers activities in the heights from 7-50 metres among others: Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Balance Barriers and Free Fall…

Our Team Challenge area, consists of 10 great team building activities. Among others we provide events for institutions, companies, privates and bachelor parties.

Of course – this is all done under maximum security, and you will be guided and coached by one of our certified instructors.

Below you will find videos and information, about all 10 Team Challenge activities.

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Klatring Planken ud Jacobstigen BigSwing Rappelling
AusRappelling BalanceBom Trustbuster Skysurf DoubleDare

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Confined Space

The Confined Space maze will challenge your claustrophobia, and ability to work together in complete darkness!!

Wall Climbing:

Your arms, legs and abdominal muscles are screaming, you only have a grab with the tip of your fingers and toes, and the pulse is pounding.
You are on our 25 meters high climbing wall – a crude structure with daring obstacles that you have to climb on your way to the top.

Walk the Plank/Pirate barrier:

In true Pirate style, you have to walk the plank, 7 metres above ground. Your only chance of survival, is by jumping for the trapeze – hopefully you will catch it…


The Jacob’s Ladder will bring you closer to your creator..
The name has its origins in the Old Testament, where one of the patriarchs, Jacob, sees a ladder in a dream that will reach God in the sky.
In Urban Ranger Camps raw universe The Jacob’s Ladder reaches up to 40 meters. No one will succeed on the Jacob’s Ladder by them selves, as the spacing between the steps increases, as you go along. You will have cooperate with your teammates to reach the top – a perfect teambuilding activity.

Big Swing

You are looking over the edge, on a small platform 40 meters above ground. By taking one step into the air, you will experience 8 meters of free-fall followed by a massive swing of 40 meters – and you are not done yet… You will have two climb up 17 meters on a rope ladder, back to safe grounds.
Your physique and psyche will be put to the test, on this daring activity.
You must be 18 years of age to take on the Big Swing, and you will have to pass a physical test by climbing 6 meters on a rope ladder to engage in the activity.
Big Swing is not a group activity, as it takes an average of 45 minutes to complete.


Imagine you are standing on top of a ten-story building. Then imagine that you swing over the banister, and have to slide down on the outside wall, only using a rope. Then you have a good idea, on how it is to rappel down our 35 metres vertical wall.

Australian Rappelling

We have upped the ante – you have to rappel with your front facing the ground from 35 metres. This form of rappelling is a military attack technique, invented by the Australian army in the 1960s.

If you think rapelling is wild, you’ll find Australian Rappelling crazy!


Balance Barrier

The barrier is 10 cm wide – if it were placed directly on the ground, you would be able to cross it without problems. At Urban Ranger Camp, the barrier is placed 35 metres above ground, and suddenly it is not easy at all.

Trust Buster

Trust Buster is an activity for 2 people, where you and your partner will have to conquer 4 different obstacles on a 14 meter long and narrow steel beam 35 meters above ground. The only thing to help you out, is a thin pipe that you are both holding on to. Trust your partner or get busted!

Sky Surf

Sky Surf is an activity for 3 people, that will test your fear of heights, balance skills and ability to work together. Sky Surf is placed 35 meters above ground on a small platform, that you have to tow all the way across and back again – your only help is the thin ropes that are hanging from the ceiling. Sky Surf will test your nerves and balance skills to the max!

Double Dare

Trust your partner on this daring activity 35 meters above ground. You will have to work together in order to cross the steel wires.
And did we mentioned that the distance between the wires, will increase as you go along… Double Dare is definitely an activity that will test your courage!