About Urban Ranger Camp

Meet the people of URC
and the entire professional Ranger Team.

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The founders of Urban Ranger Camp, are the 3 brothers; Flemming, Glenn & Ole Jensen.

By Introducing The Worlds Highest indoor High Roping Track, in the spring of 2013, the Jensen brothers added a new dimension, to the concept of action and extreme activities in Copenhagen

Raised in harsh conditions, on a farm, in the darkest part of Jutland, the Jensen brothers constantly challenged and tested each other, in different physically and daring activities, growing up.

Their desire to test limits, and do wild and adrenaline kicking challenges, the brothers has taken with them into adulthood. They have fulfilled their desire for adventure, in a wide range of Danish military, police, and fire rescue authorities combined with numerous jobs as instructors in teambuilding, for a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Since 2001 the Jensen brothers have based their activities, in the legendary B&W shipyard halls on Refshaleøen. Together with their team of dedicated and certified instructors, they each year challenge thousands of people, to get in touch with their inner daredevil and work together as groups.

They dare – do you?