Here you can make bookings for Urban High Roping.

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Only 299,- pr/person

Every Thursday

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Have a giftcard?

Are you the lucky owner of a giftcard then please send us an email with your requested date and time, number of participants, phone number, giftcard provider as well as giftcard id or code.

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Maximum number of participants per hour: 15 – or please contact us here if you wish to book more participants.

Price: For 399 DKK. you will get 3-4 hours of top entertainment under the roof of B&W shipyard 50 metres above ground – If you finish Track//S2:4, you will be considered a true Urban Ranger, and you are in peak fitness condition.

How to engage:

Appeal: Candidates are provided with safety equipment (there is a changing room, toilet and bath).

Safety Instructions: Safety Instructions are reviewed on the test floor on the ground floor.

Transport: The candidate is led 50 m. Above groundfloor and started on Track // S2: 1.

Return to base: The candiates use either the 4 Deathslides (cableway) or if you have had enough you can take the elevator down again.

Mission Complete!


Rules of engagement


The rangers are always right!
The Instructions are for your safety

If you drop it, you loose it!
Don’t wear watches and jewelry – Empty your pockets

Watch your head!
Always wear a helmet

Take a dump before you jump!
Unfortunately no toilets 50 meters above the ground

Don’t leave anyone behind!
Help each other out – try before calling for help

No alcohol or drugs!
Drunk or doped – Go home

Injuries or pregnant?
Participation is at your own risk

16-18 years old?
Only with a parent or legal guardian

Max weight 120 kg
No exceptions