What we do:

-Our harnesses and helmets get disinfected every night after use 

-We guarantee that your harness and helmet has only been used by you today 

-There is hand sanitizer all over the camp – go nuts

-Our instruktors wear gloves and a viser when helping you with the safety equipment

– The camp gets cleaned and often touched surfaces disinfected daily


What we ask from you:

-Upon arrival we ask you to show us your coronapas. Should you not be able to show a valid coronapas, we must ask you to leave the camp and we will find a new appointment for you. You can read about our terms and conditions HERE

-We ask you to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth in our check-in area, equipment room, test track as well as elevator. On the high roping tracks you can take it off. You can bring your own mask or buy one here for 5 Dkk. 

-Keep distance to each other

-Wash your hands and use the hand sanitizer that is available 

-If you have to sneeze or cough, please do so in your elbow and/or sleeve

-Use loves – bring your own or buy ours for 25 dkk 

-Contactless payments: pay with mobilepay or creditcard if possible

-Stay home if you feel sick then we’ll arrange a new appointment for you